Anchor Concepts LLC was created by husband and wife team, Sean Eddy, and Rebecca Eddy. Sean has cultivated vast Engineering and Prototyping experience that he wishes to share with all Innovators. Rebecca is a certified Genealogist with years of experience researching her own, and friends/family legacies spanning hundreds of years.


Rebecca Eddy

Co-Owner, Anchor Concepts LLC

Owner/Operator, Anchor Ancestry


Rebecca has been an avid genealogy researcher for 12 years and truly enjoys the treasure hunt that is genealogy.  Allow her to assist you in finding answers to questions, building your family tree, compiling genealogy information and more.

Sean Eddy

Co-Owner, Anchor Concepts LLC

Owner/Operator, Anchor 3D


Sean has leveraged his Engineering and Manufacturing experience to help Innovators show off their ideas and products. From designing in CAD to 3D Printing and Finishing, he will help you see your ideas come to life.